Orange County ADHD Treatment Focuses on Whole Child

Published: 11th April 2011
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Social skills training Orange County CA camps for children and teens with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder train children and their parents in techniques that help them overcome obstacles and grow to their full potential as individuals and families. The psychological benefits of being with other parents and children who are facing the same issues as your family are innumerable. Behavior modification, improving social skills and good nutrition are approached and plans are developed that meet the unique needs of each child and family.

Orange County CA ADHD treatment has undergone evaluation and study in a clinical environment. Research that is evidence based shows the effectiveness of these programs for children and caregivers. Reduction in social obstacles, emotional outbursts, aggressive behavior, and impulsivity are proven to be reduced. The camps are open to children from ages 6 to 18. After several weeks in the program the majority of attendees make significant progress.

Each child that attends camp receives ADHD therapy. Orange County programs observe each camper and devise treatment plans that are geared to meet the needs of the individual. Children are never grouped in large clusters without adequate staff. With the full attention of a trained counselor, children participate in many activities including soccer, crafts, music, and reading. They also take field trips to local points of interest.

Teaching participants and their families about healthy eating is also part of the ADHD treatment Orange County. The program also focuses on exercise and activity. Soft drinks and sugary foods are not available at the camp. The menu served has been developed by a nutritionist. Health driven choices are available to all campers to encourage them to make appropriate selections for themselves.

Parents and caregivers are an integral part of Orange County ADHD treatment. The strategies that are developed at camp are critical to extend into the home environment. Twice a month parents attend a meeting in which they are given an opportunity to ask questions and assess their child’s progress. Consistency between counselors, parents, and educators are important for treatment to be experienced at the optimum level. A specific plan of action is necessary for each patient and family.

ADHD treatment Orange County CA is extended beyond the conventional childhood years to include those in the preteen and teen period. This age group often faces additional challenges on a social and psychological level. Skills are emphasized that allow teens to take responsibility for their condition and enter adulthood as prepared as possible. Good health habits, coping skills, and communication strategies are important especially for this age group.

At Orange County ADHD therapy, students are required to spend several weeks attending the summer camp. As a treatment plan is developed and the child progresses, consistent attendance is crucial for the camper to achieve ultimate results. Each week of attendance builds on the lessons learned from the previous week. Families are encouraged to enroll their students for as long as time and schedules provide for. After school programs are also available during the months when school is in session. These programs ensure that consistency is achieved for child and parent. Parents should check with their insurance companies to see if portions of the costs for these treatments are covered by their plan.

Orange County social skills classes aid children in building their self confidence, self esteem and improve their communication strategies. Families learn techniques that ease frustration in their home life. Both children and parents benefit from experiencing a nurturing and understanding environment where concrete steps are taken to lessen the negative effects of Attention Deficit Disorder. With the proper training, skills can be developed that give children the best start possible.

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